The Leveraged Message Roadmap

A comprehensive guided program to help service providers, coaches, and consultants get clear about your message, process, and content without the endless upsells.  

Marketing Drives Your Business

You understand marketing is important to your business, which is why you’ve spent hours honing your message and website. You know that when your marketing works, everything falls into place, and your business grows.

More Time

Take back your time and spend it doing the work you love.

More Leads

Capture attention and build a pipeline of your ideal clients.

More Sales

Work with people you love and watch your business grow.

But the problem is…

Finding the Right Message is Hard


You struggle to express your offer clearly.


It takes too long to explain what you do.


Your message is all over the place.


Potential clients don’t understand how you help.


You’re not sure if you can make it all work.


Developing content is a constant struggle.

You’re Too Close To It

It’s hard to believe, but the more you know about your business, the harder it is to explain to others. You know this because you’ve seen the confused expressions or heard the confusion in their voice while talking to potential customers.

You can’t explain it, but you know something is missing. Something that will help you pull all of your hard work and effort together in a way that makes customers say, “I get it.”

I know this feeling all too well. Not only have I experienced it, but I’ve seen many coaches and consultants struggle with it as well.

What you’re missing is a clear message.

Being able to clearly express what you offer in a way potential clients can understand quickly is challenging, which is why I developed the Leveraged Message Roadmap.

The Leveraged Message Roadmp

Much more than “another marketing program,” the Leveraged Message Roadmap is a step-by-step process to provide you with the foundation, messaging, and playbook you need to attract your ideal clients.

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    Start - Confusing Message and Marketing

  • Week 1 - CUSTOMER

    Your marketing success depends on how well you know your customer. This week we’ll take a deep dive look at your customer to understand what drives them.

  • Week 2 Part 1 - STORY

    This week will focus on telling your story better using a story-based framework to create a message that will resonate with your customers.

  • Week 2 Part 2 - PITCH

    Do you get anxious when someone asks, “what do you do?” As a part of week two, I’ll show you a formula to help you craft a quick pitch (think elevator) you can deliver with confidence.

  • Week 3 - JOURNEY

    You understand your process, but do potential customers? This week we’ll look at developing your signature process, so your clients will understand quickly how you help and how they benefit.

  • Week 4 - WEBSITE

    Translate your story-based message to your website and tell your story through your customer’s eyes so they say “I get it.” 

  • Week 5 - OPTIN

    When website visitors aren’t ready to buy, we need to give them something of value in exchange for an email address. This week we’ll discuss what makes a good optin or lead generating document.  

  • Week 6 - EMAIL

    It’s not enough to connect with your optin. You need to turn connections into prospects and clients through nurturing and conversations via email. We’ll review a strategy and some templates to get started.

  • Week 7 - CONTENT

    Do you struggle with what to write and post? This week we’ll look at how you can speak directly to your ideal clients by posting content that hits the mark.

  • Week 8 - CHANNELS

    There is more than one way for you to engage with potential clients. We’ll take a look at the channels available to you and where you should be posting your content.

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    END - Clear Message and Marketing Strategy

A Complete Marketing Playbook

The Leveraged Message Roadmap is a step-by-step, simple, structured program to develop your complete marketing plan. There is no “woo woo stuff” here. Every step of the process has defined frameworks to help you get crystal clear on your audience, message, website, email, content strategies, and more… You will come away with the confidence and clarity you need to implement a marketing strategy that works!


What Clients Say About the Program

With a clear vision for your target audience, messaging that resonates, and a game plan that provides value, you can…

Sell Your Services with Confidence


Using a proven framework, we’ll build a clear message and story that makes potential customers say, “I get it.”


Re-focus your marketing so you make a great first impression, even while you sleep.


Leverage your message into your content and email so customers engage with your brand.

Your Questions Answered

Is this a Done-For-You program?

Yes and no. The program is designed as a coaching program. I walk you through the process, you do the work, I help you flush out your thoughts, offer suggestions, and edits along the way.

That said, a DFY option is available for those who want to get it done and not worry about the detailed work.

If you are interested in talking about which option might be right for you, schedule a call with me and let’s talk –

How is this program delivered?

The Leveraged Message Roadmap is delivered in one of two methods.

1 – A group training program delivered over 60-days. (Only offered at certain times a year)

2 – Individually (1-on-1) in as few as 30-days. 

What is the difference between the group and individual program?

Technically speaking, nothing. You get the same program, frameworks, and complete marketing playbook regardless of how the content is delivered.

Some people aren’t in a hurry, enjoy working with a group, and are ok implementing over a longer period. 

Others want the one-on-one experience and/or want to implement quicker (30-days).

Is there a difference in my investment based on delivery method?

Yes. The investment for the group training program is less, however, it is only offered a few times a year and you share my attention with the other group members.

The one-on-one program is available year-round and you get my undivided attention.

When are the group sessions held?

When in session, we meet on Mondays for training and on Fridays for an open Q&A session. Start times for the sessions are usually 10:00 a.m. MST and last approximately an hour.

What happens if I miss a group session?

No problem. All sessions are recorded and available after the session for viewing.

Not sure if this program is right for you?

Click the button below and book a call with me to get more details and find out if this program will work for you…


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