The Brand Messaging System

The ONLY step-by-step brand messaging system that provides the clarity and structure you need to confidently market your brand. 

Do You Struggle to Articulate Your Brand Message?

Your message is all over the place

You have no strategy for your content

You’re just too close to it

You lose people when explaining what you do

You’re not sure what to post or when

Something is missing, but you don’t know what 

Introducing The Brand Messaging System

Finally, make sense of online marketing from messaging to content to email and create the marketing playbook you need to attract your ideal clients in as few as 30-days.

Help prospects understand your value.

Never worry about content again.

Messaging so clear grandma understands what you do.

Establish a group training program or workshop.

A complete program for marketing your business.

Sample Front Title


Sample Back Title

Define your ideal customer persona, so you’ll know how and where to reach them.

Sample Front Title


Sample Back Title

Define your customer’s journey & Enable Group Training and workshops.

Sample Front Title


Sample Back Title

Develop an automated email sequence to nurture prospective customers.

Sample Front Title


Sample Back Title

A proven story-based framework creates a message that attracts and resonates.

Sample Front Title


Sample Back Title

Translate your story to your website so you turn browsers into leads.

Sample Front Title


Sample Back Title

Leverage your message to develop content that hits the mark every time.

Sample Front Title


Sample Back Title

Develop a pitch that draws potential clients in and compels them to act.

Sample Front Title


Sample Back Title

Identify your opt-in (lead magnet) that will add value to your target audience.

Sample Front Title


Sample Back Title

Determine which social media channels are best for your target audience.

Finally! Brand Messaging Made Simple.

The Brand Messaging System is like a roadmap giving you a simple, step-by-step, structured program to develop your complete marketing plan. 



Select the method that works best for you; online or guided programs.



Get clear on your message, process, website, and content, so you connect.



Market your brand knowing you will connect with your target audience.

Online Program

The Brand Messaging System

The perfect DIY program for those who want to do it themselves. 

An Online Program

24/7 Online Access

Access to future updates

Unlimited access to all videos

Private Facebook Group

Guided Programs – DWY or DFY

The Brand Messaging System

The structure and frameworks you need with none of the stuff you don’t.

DWY or DFY Guided Programs

Private Coaching Calls

Private Facebook Group

Tailored to your business

Access to the online course

What Clients Say About the Program

Brand Messaging System Questions

What is the difference between the online and the guided program?

Both methods give you access to the entire Brand Messaging System.

The online program is a do-it-yourself, video-based course. You will have access to me for questions along the way if you get stuck via the private Facebook Group. There are no one-on-one sessions with this option.

The guided program is delivered as a done-with-you (DWY) or done-for-you (DFY) program. The DWY program involves coaching calls with you doing the work.

The DFY program is a one-on-one program, with multiple sessions where I walk you through the process, help you organize your thoughts, offer suggestions, and edits along the way. I also write your website copy and emails, so you can just get it done and not worry about the details.

How is it delivered?

The Brand Messaging System is delivered in three different ways. 

1 – DIY – An online video-based course. You follow a structured methodology and get access to all of the frameworks.

2 – The DWY or DFY programs are held via Zoom unless you’re local and we can meet in person.

How is the GUIDED program delivered?

The guided program can be delivered in two ways, based on your preference. You get the same system, frameworks, and complete marketing playbook regardless of how the content is delivered. However, there are a few key differences:

Done With You – We work together, you do the work.

  • Coaching – I teach, you implement.
  • Copy (website and emails) – Written by you, reviewed by me for proper application and completeness.
  • Timeframe – Typically 60-days

Done For You – We work together, I do the work.

  • Coaching – We walk through each step and I implement.
  • Copywriting (website and emails) – Written by me, reviewed by you.
  • Implementation – 30 to 45-days (depending on your availability)

If you need additional details to decide please click one of the Schedule a Call buttons on the page to schedule a 30-minute call with me to walk through the options.

How do you handle payments?

To access the online course, payment is required upfront. Clicking the Take the Online Course button will take you to a check out page. Select your payment preference and you will receive immediate access to the course.

Payment for the guided program can be upfront or divided into three payments over three months. There is a slight difference in your investment if you choose the payment plan.

Do you offer refunds for the online version?

Once you pay for the course, you have access to everything. To prevent people from purchasing the course, copying and downloading everything then asking for a refund (which happens) the short answer is no.

However, if within the first 30-days after purchase you are not satisfied, email me at so we can schedule a time to chat.

During our discussion, we’ll review your progress in the course, see where you may be struggling and how I can help get you unstuck. If after that meeting we decide it’s best, I’ll issue a refund.

After 30-days, no refund will be given for any reason.

Not sure which program is right for you?

Click the button below and book a call with me to get more details and find out if this program will work for you.

The LinkedIn Daily Checklist

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