Brand Messaging Made Simple

A step-by-step system to help you clarify your message, create content that connects, and attract your ideal clients.

Do You Struggle to Articulate Your Brand Message?

Your message is all over the pace

You have no strategy for your content

You have a unique perspective but you’re not sure what to do about it

You lose people when explaining what you do

You’re not sure what to post or when

You know something is missing, but you don’t know what it is

You’re Too Close To It

The hardest thing to do as a freelancer, business owner or marketer is to separate how you view your businesses from how your customers see it. As a result, you lose potential clients when explaining what you do or you post content that doesn’t resonate.

Something is missing, but you can’t put your finger on it. You’ve taken courses, implemented various strategies, and spent hours honing your message and content…all to no avail.

This is frustrating because every business should be able to connect with its audience and never have to worry about messaging or content again, which is why I developed the Brand Messaging System.

No more wasting money on courses or ad-hoc marketing training.

The Brand Messaging System is a comprehensive, step-by-step, structured program to help you develop clear messaging and content without tech overwhelm, so clients understand the value you provide in as little as 30-days.


Use proven frameworks to develop clear messaging and strategies.


Know what your audience wants, when and where to post.


Know your value and articulate it in everything you do.

The Brand Messaging System

This is not another “tactical marketing” program. The Brand Messaging System helps you make sense of online marketing by pulling everything together in one place, to provide you with the foundation, messaging, content, and playbook you need to attract your ideal clients in as few as 30-days.

1 - Perfect Persona

Define your ideal customer persona, so you’ll know how and where to reach them.

2 - Brand Message

Use a proven story-based framework to create a message that will attract and resonate.

3 - Elevator Pitch

Develop a pitch that draws potential clients in and compels them to act.

4 - Customer Journey

Define your customer’s journey after they’ve paid – Enable your Group Training Program.

5 - Story-Based Website

Translate your story to your website so you turn browsers into leads.

6 - Lead Magnet (Optin)

Identify the correct opt-in (lead magnet) that will add value to your target audience.

7 - Email Marketing

Outline and develop the right automated email sequence to nurture prospective customers.

8 - Content Marketing

Leverage your message to develop content that hits the mark every time.

9 - Social Media

Determine which content/social media channels are best for your target audience.

It’s more than just creating a clear message for your brand. It’s…

A Complete Game Plan for Your Business

The Brand Messaging System is like a roadmap giving you a simple, step-by-step, structured program to develop your complete marketing plan. There is no “woo woo stuff” here. Every step of the process has defined frameworks to help you get crystal clear on your audience, message, website, email, content strategies, and more… You will come away with the confidence and clarity you need to create content that connects, every time!


When Brand Messaging is Made Simple It Works for…


Mid-sized Businesses





Small Businesses


…And More!

What Clients Say About the Program

Steps to Take to Create Clear Messaging for Your Content and Business

1 – CALL

Schedule a call to discuss your situation and needs. 


Find the missing piece in your business so everything clicks.


Leverage your message into everything you do.

Brand Messaging System Questions

Is this a Done-For-You service?

Yes and no. The program can be Done With You or Done For You. Either way, I walk you through the process, I help you organize your thoughts, offer suggestions, and edits along the way. 

The difference between the two methods is with Done For You, I write the copy for you, so you can just get it done and not worry about the details.

If you are interested in talking about which option might be right for you, schedule a call with me and let’s talk –

How is it delivered?

The Brand Messaging System is delivered in one of two methods.

1 – As a coaching program delivered over 60-days. 

2 – Individually (1-on-1) in as few as 30-days.

Most sessions are held via Zoom, but if you’re local we can meet in person. 

What is the difference between the coaching and individual program?

You get the same system, frameworks, and complete marketing playbook regardless of how the content is delivered.

Some people aren’t in a hurry, enjoy working with a group, and are ok implementing over a longer period.

Others want the one-on-one experience and/or want to implement quicker (30-days).

How do you handle payments?

Payment is typically made upfront, after which I get work creating the files, project tasks, and assets we’ll use during our project. Once completed, you’ll get links to schedule sessions at your convenience as well as links to everything we’ll use. 

Not sure if this program is right for you?

Click the button below and book a call with me to get more details and find out if this program will work for you… 

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TheElements of a Story-based Website

10 daily activities to capture more profile views and leads in as few as 30 minutes a day

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