The LinkedIn Messaging Roadmap

A 7-week group training program to help you leverage LinkedIn to capture views and leads. 

LinkedIn Can Be Confusing


It’s a place to put my resume, right?


What’s the point of updating my profile?


I connected with someone, now what?


Isn’t LinkedIn just for recruiters and job seekers?


Should I post content to LinkedIn or my website?


What is the point of having a LinkedIn account?

It’s Not a Place to Post Your Resume

LinkedIn is still largely misunderstood. Sure, you can add your work experiences to the platform, however, savvy marketers and business owners know you can leverage the platform to find qualified leads and grow sales.  

More Views

A profile view from the right person can lead to new business and/or job opportunities.

More Leads

LinkedIn drives four out of every five B2B leads that come from social media.*


More Sales

Having a focused profile and engagement strategy can bring qualified leads to you.

LinkedIn is a Networking Platform

Do you remember how you felt after you created your LinkedIn profile? My guess is you probably said to yourself, “OK. Now what?” If so, you’re not alone.

Linkedin is still viewed by many as Facebook for business people. It’s a place to post your resume, and to connect with current and past colleagues. Outside of that, people are left wondering, “what’s the point?”

I understand this sentiment, however, having spent the last few years working with LinkedIn experts, and writing profiles for companies and individuals, I have seen the results of a good LinkedIn strategy. The key is to use it as a networking platform to connect, engage, and build relationships.

When used correctly, you’ll be able to create a predictable pipeline of leads and prospects. I believe everyone should know how to leverage the benefits of the LinkedIn platform, which is why I developed the LinkedIn Messaging Roadmap.

The LinkedIn Messaging Roadmap

A step-by-step process to help you establish your brand, capture leads, and profile views.

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    Start - Limited LinkedIn presence and/or process

  • Week 1 - CUSTOMER

    Your success on LinkedIn starts with understanding your customer. Week one takes a deep dive look at your target customer and defines the parameters needed to find them on LinkedIn.

  • Week 2 Part 1 - STORY

    We’ll focus on telling your story through your customer’s eyes using a story-based framework to create a message that will attract and resonate with your ideal customers.

  • Week 2 Part 2 - ACTION

    With your message in place, you’ll define the desired action your customers should take when they visit your profile or company page.

  • Week 3 - PROFILE

    This week is all about your personal profile. We’ll focus on translating your story to your profile so it is ready for engagement with your customers.

  • Week 4 - PAGE

    We’ll review your company page and what you need to do to get it set up correctly.
    BTW – company pages aren’t just for businesses.

  • Week 5 - SEARCH

    It’s time to learn about using LinkedIn’s powerful search features to find your ideal clients. We’ll review Boolean search features, Advanced search and take a look at Sales Navigator.

  • Week 6 - INMAIL

    Week six is about connecting using LinkedIn’s messaging and InMail feature so you can turn connections into prospects and clients. We’ll review a strategy and message templates to get you started.

  • Week 7 Part 1 - CHANNELS

    It’s time to build your brand awareness on LinkedIn. There are several ways for you to engage with potential clients on the platform. We’ll review all of the channels available to you.

  • Week 7 Part 2 - CONTENT

    If you struggle with what to post on  LinkedIn, this week is for you. We’ll look at how you can build a following by posting content that hits the mark.

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    END - Using a LinkedIn Strategy to Capture Views and Leads

Start Building Your LinkedIn Pipeline


Sign up for the course and get ready to implement. 


Develop a strategy to position you in the mind of your ideal clients.


Grow your network and engage with potential clients in an authentic way.

What’s Your Investment?

When it comes to LinkedIn, many individuals and companies, fumble their way through, never really knowing how or even if their efforts will pay off.

Rather than following a proven strategy, they default to the “pray and spray” method, essentially trying a lot of things out, hoping something will stick.

Not only does this take a lot of time, but it can cost a lot of money as well.


The LinkedIn Messaging Roadmap


The Details


45-day Program 


Group training session on Mondays


Group Q&A session on Fridays


Individual feedback on your LinkedIn profile


All sessions recorded

Your Questions Answered

What happens if I can't make a session?

No problem at all. Every session will be recorded and you’ll have access to all of the videos and worksheets.

What time are the sessions?

The training session on Monday and the Q&A session on Friday are both held at 10 a.m. MST.